[RELEASE][PAID] Advanced Npc Control

Script to remove or change npc population


  • will truly remove all npc’s if wanted
  • remove npc dispatches, for e.g. firetrucks
  • remove npc’s but keep animals
  • change car and ped density
  • a lot of configuration options

Standalone, works on all frameworks

Buy here for 3$ → https://shop.gm-scripts.com/package/4724192

Are all of these using the new encryption system or what? You suddenly have a lot of work in a span of an hour :thinking:

We worked over months on our scripts and decided to release them with our tebex all at once

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Using encryption or not tho?

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They are uploaded with the new FiveM asset system so i think yes

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So nice and so cheap, I love it!

what is MS ?

I haven’t seen any animals and this is running really high ms.

I’m the only one on the server and it’s up at 0.42 with me just sitting still in the woods.



see my reply above

Also not stopping police cars from cruising around. This seems as if it can be a great resource once little issues are fixed and that high ms is resolved.

I’m sorry but really…. Charging $5 for a density script? A quick google search and you’ve found 5 pre-made free ones. Two of which are made in the past 6 months. You also can find the snippets of code in the help section of this website to make one. Kinda sad CFX doesn’t monitor the quality and uniqueness of scripts. This should be a free script you have on tebex so “buyers” can browse your code and see your work.

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lol thats so funny 0.42ms like what :crazy_face:

I can’t start your script.

It says you have no permission to use it, its because you aren’t using the same account you have your server license key to buy the script.

wow working over a month => making 0.42ms npc control. i just take a time for an hour to make npc control 0.00ms