[RELEASE] [PAID] [ADD-ON] Pack 196 Clothes Men Women

Hello everyone

There are not all the pictures

I sell my pack 196 clothes

  • 6 t shirt men

  • 80 sweater men

  • 2 jacket men

  • 17 jacket women

  • 76 t shirt women

  • 15 sweater women

Price : 11.55 USD
Buy tebexPurchase here


I have a question. How can i change the ID of the clothes? So that I in the clotheshop can change your Number for the T-Shirt for example from 190 to maybe 200? When you can tell me that i buy it

These are add-ons, it doesn’t replace anything for gta, I don’t see why you want to change the id

This guy is an amazing EUP developer. +Rep and great pack. He’s very nice and helpful.

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Oh thanks Beezy <3

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Woow so high quality textures. Looks great!

Great job!

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Thanks you AnDylek :slight_smile:

Are they modifiable or encrypted with the tebex sht ?

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Open source