[RELEASE][PAID] 1€ Banking System

:bank: Banking System: Empower Your Server’s Economy! :moneybag:

Greetings, Esteemed Server Owners!

Prepare to witness a paradigm shift in your server’s economy with our Banking System! This indispensable addition offers an array of features designed to amplify in-game transactions and financial interactions, enhancing player engagement and server dynamics.

Compatible with ESX & QBCore

:key: Key Features:

:atm: Deposits & Withdrawals: Facilitate seamless transactions as players deposit funds into and withdraw from their bank accounts with ease.

:money_with_wings: Transfers: Enable hassle-free money transfers between players, fostering collaboration and commerce within your server community.

:bar_chart: Account Stats (Last 7 Days): Provide players with insightful analytics on their account activity over the past week, empowering them to track their financial progress and make informed decisions.

:scroll: Last Transactions: Allow players to review their recent transactions, ensuring transparency and accountability in all financial dealings.

:bookmark_tabs: Bills Management: Introduce a sophisticated billing system, enabling players to view and pay their outstanding bills promptly, fostering a sense of responsibility and immersion (ESX only).

:link: Further Exploration:

:video_camera: Delve into our Banking System with our comprehensive demonstration video on YouTube!

Get it here for free

:money_with_wings: Embark on a journey of financial innovation and prosperity! :bank:


Please include a direct download as mentioned in the rules

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Is this escrowed?

Yes the script is escrow locked.

At the end of the day i have had a decent dive into it this is overall quite a nice bankingsystem for what it is and how could anyone complain at a WORKING 1 Euro BANKING xD

Keep up the work @Eichenholz


Has to have a direct download to an unescrowed version, thems the rules.

Nice job!! :wink:

it goes against the tos of cfx… or rules what ever u wanna call it

Indra has already made a comment on it before it went public. and yes it dose go agains the terms of posting. but im am giving the benifit of the doubt that they are sleeping and will put the public link when they wake up.

This script costs 1€ now. Unfortunately I have to charge money here as I am not allowed to release free escrowed scripts in this forum. I wanted this script to be free and accessible for everyone without getting my code used and sold by others. But rules are rules I guess

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then there was no point in making it free in the first place :man_shrugging:

I dont get you, why cant I make it free without making it open source and monetizable for others?

its actually pretty simple. cfx is mainly an open source community you are free to share your paid scripts but if you want to give something for free you have to give it open source for the community to expand and learn upon/from it.

But why am I allowed to sell escrow scripts but not offer them for free? I don’t understand why I am forced to charge money if I don’t want to make my code open source.

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you are actually free to do what ever you want as far as i know its just that cfx doesnt want that type of content on their forum. Still you can remove the post and make it free although i dont know how people will get the script that way but you do you idk :man_shrugging: a moderator could probably explain this much better than me.

Such stupid rules. This is not a great way to encourage people to make free protected releases, it’s a good way to alienate the developers and force them to charge money. Unethical as ever from our favourite platform providers!

You are free the raise the discussion in FiveM Discussion if you think this rule should be changed.


Removed offtopic discussion unrelated to this resource.

It was however related to this resource- my point was directly related to this resource which he wanted to release for free, but “secured”, but wasn’t allowed to so had to charge a dollar for it. But the other guy did not understand the point I was trying to make at all, I was purely talking about this script. I’d rather have this script for free, and secured, than have to pay a dollar for it just for the sake of it. Product is the same either way.

i do understand your point but there is a loop hole apparently that you can still get it for free. He just needs to set the resource on tebex as PWYW (the OP said the he couldnt find the option tho so it is what it is) :man_shrugging: one of the things i mentioned on my comment that got deleted.