[Release] Original-Street-Names-w-Postal-Numbers

It’s no side as there’s no such thing called ‘FiveReborn’.

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The map is working great ! Just overwrite the requested files. I did not create a __resource.lua or a new fodler as mention in step 3 to 5. Installation is more simple as described. Very good.

Thanks for your job, work prefectly!

where do i get the map meta

Whats wrong with it? it works perfect

except doj pays scripters for some of there scripts as he said he made his own but when you pay some one to do it for your server and only yours you don’t want it to get leaked but the postol codes for doj were made by a member in his free time that way officers didn’t have to try to rember street names and just the postal code dispatch gave out or when there is a traffic stop dispatch knows a relatvive location not just ex us route 68 faceing north bound but ex us route 68 northbound by postal [insert a postal here] makes it a one up on other coummunitys trying to compete with doj but as he stated he made it is own just looks simualur

People don’t won’t fivem to be a community they just won’t there own like doj (polecat) no one cares anymore it’s kinda upsetting

Does anyone have the metadata so people can zoom and see the block numbers?
Nvm just make an account on that website and you can get it, I thought it was removed before.

Have a friend that added this, before he adds the block numbers, his street names are nice and readable. After adding the block numbers, the street names look low resolution as well as the block numbers. Some streets very hard to read. I checked his files and his are installed exactly like mine and mine works fine. Any ideas what could be causing the issue?


Great work @Priest0802 Truly glad you released this. By any chance do you have a vector conversion of this (ie. a .svg file) It would be greatly helpful to increase the resolution street codes zoomed in.

Thanks mate!

is there a way to keep it all serversided?


Currently there isn’t as there isn’t a way to stream the mapzoomdata file to the client

can you explain me in any way else how to install this, i am so dumb i dont understand the how to install haha

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can you make the map higher quality or a link to a higher quality map please

you can use the search function there is a 4k version but its client sided you can try and convert it into a resource yourself

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can you link it please?

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Hello Guys. I cannot find the mapzoomdata.meta? When i zoom in, it makes my map blurry therefor i cannot see.


mine is blurry too.
(20 char lim)

Do you have a picture that covers the entire map for dispatchers to use?

Great release. Works 100% THANK YOU!!