[Release] Online Interiors (70+ Interiors with Teleport's & Blips)

That is a custom MLO and not related to my fork / unrelated. my version of this resource doesn’t have the tuners exterior in this location.

Oh, that explains it.

Same interior at a different location, I guess the files can only be used once.

Try commenting it out of the fxmanifest like this

-- "client/maps/mptuners/*.lua",  -- DLC Tuners (Requires forced gamebuild 2189 or higher)

It seems that using a vehicle bricks the teleport function


How would I go about making it to where it doesn’t show player blips on the map? I know when I added the online interiors it started doing that. I’m fine with everything other than that. Thank you.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Should be ok now :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, a fix has just been merged :slight_smile:

Alright. Thanks

Showcase video of my fork of this resource :stuck_out_tongue:

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For some reason whenever I restart my server and join in I dont see a good 10-15 Blips names and they dont show until I restart the script again. Any reason or fix to this issue?

Video showcase or something showing exactly, everything you did to have this happen? Written steps maybe? @UnsayingCheetah

We need to be able to do exactly what you did, to get the same results, to determine if it is an issue with the script or if something is happening on your end.

So in the image you can see there are a good 9 Blips that aren’t loading at all, all I have done it config the script to what interiors I wanted to have in the server. I have also determined it doesn’t show the names of these when any player joins the server.

I did change the Tuner Garage blip and changed the color of the blips but I dont think this will cause this issue


Hello, do you have any errors in F8 ?

What exactly have you changed ?

I think I messed something up with the blips file, in an attempt to fix a previous issue with the teleporters breaking when player enters and exits a vehicle.

It’s an easy fix and I’ll fix it eventually when I’m near a computer

Edit: It should be fixed and up on my github now