[Release] Online Interiors (70+ Interiors with Teleport's & Blips)

bob74_ipl adds the interiors etc, and this adds teleports and map icons

Wassup community? I have updated this for the latest dlc, 2545. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


change ensure online-interiors to ensure online_interiors as was mentioned before

The SplitSides Comedy Club bathroom entrance lets you walk thru the door and fall thru the map.

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I use this : [Release] Split-Side Comedy Club Interior

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thanks AvaN0x

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I’m sure a few interiors have hidden pitfalls…pardon the pun

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I’m sure they do, unfortunately I just added teleporters and blips, however I have reached out to the person who has made collisions, of which AvaN0x has brought that to our attention, and will add it to my fork, so long as they are ok with that.

I’m aware that there is an MLO version of the comedy club, however Cloudy and I have both approached this resource as a standalone, vanilla, GTA Online like experience, with all vanilla interiors.

I have also had people ask about teleporters for Bahama Mamas, and since there are a ton of free (and paid) resources available, I have decided to leave that out, (or I may have done it? I can’t remember off the top of my head right now as I’m not on the PC lol) but yeah :thinking:

I think for the time being, I will have a “clickable text” link for the Comedy Club collision over on my GitHub fork, that people can go to and add to the stream folder of my fork for online-interiors :thinking:

Cheers @AvaN0x :sunglasses:

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Hey, so with your fork, I seem to have reached a problem. Per example, if I enter IPL A, leave IPL A, go to IPL B, attempt to enter it, I will not be prompted to press E and I cannot use E to enter it. Sometimes the teleport circle doesn’t even show up.

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Not enough information for me to work with, sorry. Could you provide more info as that is very vague.

How would I go about making it to where it doesn’t show player blips on the map? I know when I added the online interiors it started doing that. I’m fine with everything other than that. Thank you.

With your variation including the new update, I have to restart the resource just to be able to enter an interior.

Yes, I’m aware and I’m not sure why it’s been doing this all of a sudden, however I have just recently reverted a file, and spent the last 30+mins going from teleporter to teleporter to test if it works and it works, at least on my end, and I don’t use stupid frameworks or onesync so :man_shrugging:

Edit: This had been fixed

Hey I am just suggesting something, if possible make it so each interior is available to enter. For example you can go into every Nightclub, Bunker etc. If its not possible let me know!

it is possible, but it’s literally one interior. in gta online, we all teleport to the same interior, only thing that is different is that I can’t see you. there is no “my” bunker and “your” bunker. gta online just hides us so we don’t see each other or hear each other’s footsteps etc. Hence this script hasn’t done that.

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Ok thanks I kinda figured just wasn’t sure im guessing something would need to happen to bob_ipl before anything like I just stated will be done.

For me it only does this after teleporting while in a vehicle. So first it works fine, then I go through it with a vehicle, and all of a sudden none of the teleportation blips work while on foot but only while in a vehicle. What file did you revert to get it to work again?

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tools.lua or something

Edit: this file was unrelated, it turned out to be teleports.lua and has now been fixed by AvaN0x

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something has happened to the Tuners Garage - everything else works fine. (latest bob_ipl, latest oi-version of yours, build 2545)