[Release][OneSync] Enc0ded Persistent Vehicles

Persistent Vehicles: Forgotten Vehicle 67KLI065
SCRIPT ERROR: @enc0ded-persistent-vehicles/server/main.lua:191: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘props’)
handler (@enc0ded-persistent-vehicles/server/main.lua:14)

Hi !
I have a problem the vehicles do not despawn when I put them in my garages help me!
that’s a duplicate
I can pay

Contact me on discord KINGK0NG#1346
garage.rar (7.9 KB)

Just released version 2.0 that fixes many of the issue people were having with this mod and adds new features. You can find it here

The open support version is not supported but you can still use it as you please.

Everyone that purchased version 2.0. Please update to the latest commit on github as it fixes many issues.

when i do the pv-save-to-file its say presistent Vehicles: 0 vehicles saved to file Why ?

One of the easiest and most reliable resources out there. Simple to install via the provided events. Just simply takes a little time. Have to say Appreciate the work Enc0ded has done on this. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Scam ?

I bought the script, but the emailed link doesn’t work

es_extended/server/main.lua 242 line

AddEventHandler(‘playerDropped’, function(reason)
local playerId = source
local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(playerId)

if xPlayer then
	TriggerEvent('esx:playerDropped', playerId, reason)

	ESX.SavePlayer(xPlayer, function()
		ESX.Players[playerId] = nil


accesse denied for for all commands in this script…

and …

I bought the version, and the creator is unresponsive.
Could someone help me install it?

When I return the vehicle to the garage, the entity does not delete itself: /

main (2).lua (32.2 KB)

This script can save players cars in street and when i restart the server the cars are in his position?

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The developer of this resource is currently going through some personal life issues atm and is unable to provide support in a timely manor. Please be patient as he deals with it all.

Hello, I’ve problems with vehicles spawning for every player joining nearby. Sometimes have 5 of the same vehicle stacked on each other.

Any fix?

main (2).lua (32.4 KB)
Try this one. If it still doesn’t work add esx framework link on the persistent vehicles script , so the scripts can work together.

Also try out the register and forget triggers before it deleted the actual vehicle

i just saw your post, i managed to get it to work before i saw your post.

The problem I am currently encountering is that when spawning the reboot vehicles, they appear random.

The script does record 6 vehicles to spawn, but only spawns 3, 4 it’s really random.

The other vehicles spawn at point 0 of the maps