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i cannot add this to my sql still duplicate what do i need to do :smiley:

Hello when i will remove the towtruck2 or flatbed vehicle the same does not spawn in place

duplicate means you have it in your sql.
you need start the script the sql it’s the same like esx Mechanic do not forget to remove it

i wont give support to any modified versions of my script.

But, in your 3rd print, line 342, you have an error in the grade…

How to delete prob ?

So you can craft a thing?

Do you already know how to reapir a vehicle?

Please, do not upload any resources if you can’t hold the pressure dude!
But i want to thank you for your time.
Most of this resource is working great for me. I really like the radial menu as job menu, my compliments.

?? The script is working for 80% of the people, if you want help after changeing things, you gotta wait dude…

Not sure if you already know about this.

lscustom part is broken. When i hit E nothing happens and i cant move. In or out a car, happens the same thing.

Edit: After some checking i just found out that you need to be outside the car to modify it… Pls fix the hang bug when you hit E in a car or when there is not enough money on the job account.

When you pick a color it wont stay on. You have to go the the time color menu en hit normal or else it wont stay the color you have chosen.

When i try to open Vehicle list -> https://gyazo.com/621d928bd4302cc13ccfc7c4972964bc

Error in F8

I hope you can fix the problems. It looks great.

This doesnt happens to me :frowning:
For me, the colors stay good and i can custom the vehicle both inside and outside.

Welcome on fivem where everyone has different scripts that can mess up everything :smiley:

Well, im aware of that, but if you know that its a problem from your side, dont blame the script, because this are special cases…

I was having a few issues with thins not working. I just discovered that you need to have Mythic Notify too. you should include that as a requirement for this to work.

Read the full topic before comment things like that

hey i cant use the menu that comes with this how do i turn it off as i cant seam to get it to work so would like just to put i off and use the normal menu

thanks any help would be gr8


Anyone else gets this memory warning a mechanic sent me?
Love this script by the way.

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_society/server/main.lua:550: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘store’)

ref (@esx_society/server/main.lua:550)
handler (@esx_datastore/server/main.lua:106)
ref (@esx_society/server/main.lua:549)
TriggerServerCallback (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:33)
handler (@es_extended/server/common.lua:88)

i think thats because you are using a different version of esx_society, you have to fix it, its a isolated problem

@nashiiree add this code in your database and run it

INSERT INTO datastore (name, label, shared) VALUES
(‘society_mechanic’, ‘Mechanic’, 1);

And your done.

**Edit **
Who have problem with carlift can’t go through it
Go to stream folder BDOORS and delete all files in this folder.
Leave the folder empty and run your server.