[RELEASE] Nude Transport

Another script to have some fun with the players who like to enter all of the markers.

This one will remove the clothes and leave them in heart covered boxers and transport them to legion square.
I’ve only set this for the male peds so feel free to modify if you want to have the females get the same treatment.
It’s client side only and doesn’t save anything so all you have to do to get your players clothes back is to logout and log back in.

Video Link

nude_transport.zip (1.3 KB)

marker location in at the grapeseed air field at the far end. If you are using my Ymap for the surplus dealer it will be inside the gate. If not it will appear in the clearing.


Please put it on GitHub to see without download Thx for the script

Is it possible to rewrite the script to recognize if the player is male or female?

I can put it on my things to do list