[Release] [ NoPixel Styled Alerts ] esx_outlawalert with integrated WF_Alerts

Im new into this, but did you try to export the function that triggers the notification? If you export it you can call it from anywhere in your code. Maybe you could set it up on the robbery script something like
TriggerClientEvent or TriggerServerEvent (‘outlaw_notify:SendAlert’) from anywhere in your code (i just stated an example, not saying that there is a function called SendAlert)

loving the script, is there a way to get a notification if someone is to sell a parked car at the moment seems to be only if an NPC is driving it with it send the alert

Do we need to put in a esx notice for the 10-13 to show up ? the blue/red flashing

Hey, great script! Does anyone know if there is a way to restrict what weapon types will trigger the ‘Gunshot in Progress’ alert? Right now, if someone throws a Grenade for example, it triggers the alert.

I could be wrong but I believe the issue here is that the Functions targetCoords, streetName, vehicleLabel, playerGender aren’t being called because of how RegisteredCommand works?

Is there a way to blacklist some weapons? so if you shot with these guns police dont get any alert

Any idea why

How do I get the esx ambulance job to ping in the notifications for pd?

I’m not getting a blip on the map when there is a shooting why is that so ?

someone know fix for this html image ![image|423x137]

anoyone know how to add DrugaSale to the alert ?

anyone know how to make this trigger ?

@Danny3 Do you have any plans on updating to the newest version of WF_Alerts in your script? Seeing as it is now database dependent? Great script by the way!

Anyway to whitelist a specific weapon? For example the alarm is getting triggered by people throwing snowballs, could you at some way whitelist that?