[Release] No NPC's

Hey Guys,

I was searching on a script, which disables Peds and Vehicles, and I found a script of @nobody who released a NoNPC Script. The Problem was, that if a person is the first person on the server, and the game of this person crashes, the NPC’S and Vehicles come back again. My friend and me fixed that Problem

credits to @nobody

Link to his Thread : [Release] Disable vehicles and peds

Have Fun Dudes




Cool release my guy! Super useful for taking screenshots and videos.

Nice release!

Good release! hello what is the maximum number in the configuration?

how to install

It is better to add the code to some other script

Nice script bro

how can i add only a few npcs???

You can set that to 0.0. Do you have about 20 NPc in los santos


This is for the population what I am looking for is to erase them in a moment.

Esto es para la poblacion lo que busco es para borrarlos en un momento.

Drag and drop the script in to you’re resources folder then start the script