[Release] [NEX] nex_identificator for NexCore

We publish nex_identificator to the NexCore Collection, you can see the id of players in the vicinity and if you are an admin, adjust the vision to see them from further away.

Users will see the game id assigned by the server and the dbId assigned by NexCore.

Administrators will be able to view health, job, and charId as additional information for each player. In addition, they will be able to stop being an administrator to not see all that information.

playerId [dbId]


You can see in the lower right corner, the local id of each player. As you can see, these do not bother in any case.

Download: NexCorp/nex_identificator (github.com)
NexCore: [NEX Core] A ESX 1.2 extended version (multicharacter native functions!)

Does it work with ESX?
Only works with NexCore mod

How do I install it?
Add it to your resources folder and add it to your NexCore config_s.lua.

It doesn’t work, what can I do?
The resource has been tested, in case of any other problem, report it by this topic or in the repositories.


Hello! You need NexCore for this resource :smile:

Any chance you are also going to make a version for ESX? I would even be able to pay for that.