[Release] Nearest Postal Script

Think this is the right ones
^0 is White (#F0F0F0)
^1 is Red (#F44336)
^2 is Green (#4CAF50)
^3 is Yellow (#FFEB3B)
^4 is Blue (#42A5F5)
^5 is Light Blue (#03A9F4)
^6 is Purple (#9C27B0)
^7 is White (#F0F0F0)
^8 is Orange (#FF5722)
^9 is Grey (#9E9E9E)

How Could I Change The Display To The Color Blue

@Lt.Dans.Leg Can You Please Give Me The Link The The Postal Map That You use? Im Tired Of Using The New Postal Map I Want The Old one. Thank You - Jxzzy

Is there by chance a video explaining how to properly install this?? i think im doing it correctly, but its just not working. Any help is appreciated!!!

How do i change it to where i do /postal how do i change it from OCRP’s postals, to the new map’s?

Can you help me where to put this in the file

That files is the player location display script and it goes in your resource folder. That text would go in the config.lua of the pld (player location display) script.

Under the fxmanifest file in nearest postal you need to change the json to the desired postal file your wanting to use.

referencing nearest postals readme,

  1. To setup the postal map, open the __resource.lua file and change the variable postalFile to one of the files above

hope that helps!

is the location display included in the script?

it is not, or at least wasn’t.

this is the link to server sided. [Release] Street Label

To change the color of the nearest postal In the cfg change this
format = ‘~y~Nearest Postal~w~: %s (~g~%.2fm~w~)’,
to this
format = ‘~p~Nearest Postal~w~: %s (~g~%.2fm~w~)’,
Changed mine to purple. Y = yellow P = Purple

I can’t find DrawText(0.225, 0.963) in cl.lua file , where can i find it?

Looks like it was moved in version 1.4 to the config.lua folder. Shows as

posX = 0.22,
posY = 0.963

how do you switch the nearest postal to the ocrp