[Release] Nearest Postal Script

Does anyone know how i could change it so that the postal only show with a command ex. /p me so it is not always on the screen

It didn’t work for me. I installed both nearest postal map + street labels scripts, but the map stays black (default). Only thing that shows up is the nearest postal code in the bottom.

If you’re using this and want a “fix” for the missing postal (due to double use of 139) in the OCRP postals add:


To the postal list.

I provided some fixed ytd files here: OCRP Postal and Minimap (Server Side) - #82 by Noor_Nahas

So I’m having a problem getting the text on there I want what is shown under text but all I got is this

Is there a way to move the street and time to the top. ( | E | Zancudo River, Route 68)?
Also is there a way to set up a chat command for /p to have both /postal and /p then the actual postal?

All mine shows is the nearest postal how do I get it to show the street and direction of travel like the picture on the top of the post shows

I’ve submitted a Pull Request to the GitHub repo that will allow players to add new postals, if desired (with the caveat that it is dependent on ESX). This would primarily benefit those who use postal maps that do not support Nearest Postal.

My favorite postal map, but how can i remove the bunker markers?

how would we go about adding the roxwood map?