[RELEASE] Mysterious Items

esx_shops (or similar)

3 locations inside the Humane Labs facility have unknown colored cans you can pickup. A red can will change you into a Sasquatch A blue can will change you into an Alien A green can will chage you into a Zombie

As of this verison, there is no known antidote for drinking the cans an you must log out of the game and log back in to return to your normal character.


Drag esx_mysterious_items into server-data/resources/esx
Add start esx_mysterious_items to server cfg.
Add the SQL file to your database. If the 3 unknown cans aren´t added to items then you can just do it manually.
copy the files from the images folder to where your hud keeps its images to display
Restart server/ start script in console. Thats it!


in the video is shows the green can not working the first time, it’s at the end. I didn’t feel like editing the whole video again.