[Release] Mx Custom Car V2 Remake [PAID][Standalone][ESX/QBCore]

I’m glad you liked the script. To help you solve this small problem, could you send me a video privately, showing me where the problem happens, that way it would be easier to solve. You use custom cars (Addons), right?

Yes it is addon/custom cars. I tested it more last night and i think the cause might be our garage script. It seems if players store a car then transfer it to another garage and remove it the stance loads back to the car even after a restart. I dont think theres much to help there from your end but we did find a work around so everyone seems to be ok with it for now. It only happens at random. Sometimes not at all. But when it does like i said they are just moving the car to another garage and it works. Its loading the stance in the console to all the cars so it may be a data base hiccup with the garages.

So we are still having issues with this. Everything on the vehicles saves but its not pulling the stancer info from the DB vehicles under customcarvehicles. I can see the stance values are correct to the correct plate but they are not loading to the cars in game, and we have to re do the stance every car we modify and once the server restarts it refuses to load any car stance


I will download some custom vehicles (addon) and test to see what is happening, I only tested the script with vanilla vehicles (GTA Online) and had no problems.

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Update 2.2

  • Added -1 to GetNumVehiclesMods, avoiding problems, some mods were missing.
  • Added a check to see if a mod’s label is valid, if it is invalid, enter the part number.
  • Fixed a bug when setting the color1 and color2 mods, it was sometimes being invalid causing an error.
  • Now every time a player enters the server, it will load some information, before it wasn’t loading, which is why it was causing problems with customization, the stancer, the lights.
  • The frameworks and some garage scripts are using the native ‘CreateVehicleServerSetter’ and for some reason the ‘entityCreated’ event does not recognize this native, so some information was not being loaded.
  • Optimization in vueJS (2.46mb to 1.51mb)

Save your config.lua file, there is no need to update it.

To use the new version, just download it again in your keymaster assets, new version 2.2

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