[Release] Model Blacklist v1.1

This allows you to blacklist player models, vehicles and weapons (which you can fully disable too).



Very nice! Thank you!


@Mr.Scammer Perfect - thanks

another great script my friend great work

@Mr.Scammer Another great script and it works 100% as always great work keep it up, I have just one just you might be able to help me do you know or have a link to somewhere i can find all the file names of the weapons, Cars, Planes i have got most of what i want out just a few that i cant find thanks again for your help

any one get it work ? cz just try it but i still can spawn the car that i set it in black listed :o

we got it running, so recheck if you did everything correct

Make sure everything is set up correctly (resources folder, autostart resources)

yea still got did not work… how about u did ur worked ?

It works perfect for me just check if you have it set that you spawn into the car it wont spawn it will give you the message on blacklist but it you have it set that you dont spawn into the car the car will spawn but when you try to get in it it will disappear.

Another gem! Amazing work bud, Keep it up


So something is not really working or maybe it’s just me.

If I do something like this:

carblacklist = {

I can’t spawn the RHINO but I can easierly spawn riot and cargoplane. Am I doing something wrong?

same w me i only block cargoplane and i can still spawn cargoplane …

hi mr scammer can u make it remove cargoplane cz it not work for cargoplane but another will be removed only when player seat in car … this script will allow bad modder still able to spawn too many cargoplane or other car … thankyou for this script but i mean the function is not when player seat in car but also if car spawned when player not seat in the car too and car will be auto removed by this script…for example i spawn cargoplane and i am not seat in that cargoplane when cargoplane spawned by player even player not seat in that cargoplane this script will keep remove that cargoplane and remove all cargoplane in all coordinate of the map if ttill there or does existing cargoplane or other car that already in black list…

Or you could make a serversided trainer which forces spawning in vehicles, also your suggestion would require a lot of coding

Would be good if you could whitelist certain models so you can let admins use it


I agree. If there was a way to whitelist certain models for admins in a later update, that would be awesome.


how do you define a admin?, it means this script needs another script to make that clear

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Well I use EssentialMode, and it would be a cool feature to have.