[RELEASE] [MLO] SuperMechanic

Yoooooo this is sick good job!

Thanks dude !

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That looks good

Oh thanks friend

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Updates - 06/05/2021

  • Fixed the size of the logo SuperMechanic
  • Fixed the intensity of the glow to the SuperMechanic logo
  • Fixed 2 lights that was not lighting up well
  • Fixed 3 props without collision


Update - 18/05/2021

  • Added timecycle (same Bennys)
  • Fixed some lights

Update - 01/06/2021

  • Fixed door without collision

Update - 05/07/2021

  • Add mirrored floor
  • Increase interior light
  • Change floor color

Updated Tebex link

Linking to non-tebex store

Updated a prop without collision

Black Friday! 20% off in all my maps! SUPERMECHANIC - YOUTUBE

Code: blackbrunx20

Until 27/11

I purchased this awhile back but Tebex has never let me download it saying i have downloaded it before. How can i get the download to work?

Hello friend, send me a message on DM, so i can help you!

Sorry about that, I had the wrong map, it was this map that i had bought an not recieve. My mistake

@Geerdodagr8 thanks friend, is all ok with the map?



  • This map is partially encrypted by Tebex and CFX Asset Escrow System. This is licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing the package.
  • After your purchase, tebex will send an email with the download link. By the way, you can download your item from your keymaster dashboard HERE
  • Don’t worry if you bought this map and you aren’t the owner of the server: You can transfer ownership of this script in Keymaster.fivem. Go to “Purchased assets” and select “Transfer to another account”.

I updated the map for a final version with some new things! You can see the new video preview here:

PREVIEW VIDEO SuperMechanic - Brunx Mods


Hi guys, I just released my first map pack.

You can now purchase a Super Mechanic and a Super Performance at a $10 discount.

The purchase is made by tebex and they are insured against leakers by the escrow system!