[Release] [MLO] Route 68 Bike dealership

Route 68 Bike dealership.
Please report bugs so it can be fixed.

Download [Here]
Video [Here]
More information [Here]



you need to add a resource lua and stream folder…

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Fixed, thanks…

where did you manage to get that ped model? is that free mode ped?

Thats his own custom ped.

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I have issues with mine to where the doors have collisions and won’t let me walk in. This is with both the back and front doors.

Odd… I’ll take a look at it when i get home.

Do you have any other MLO close to this one? Like Gabz garage across the road?

I do, would that be conflicting even tho it’s across the street?

They share the same collision file…

Hi i have the map in game but we are having a problem walking into the store. How can I fix this ?

Do you have ANY other maps around this? Like Gabz Garage across the road? If so, thats why… they share collision files

Hi there, first off its a very good map, but something is not right. I have no other maps near this. Im using this in my server as a bike shop. If you walk in the shop and go into first person you can sometimes see right through the floor. Another thing is if you stand in certain positions the bikes on the floor disappear. Some spots they will completely disappear. Also you can look at the bike once you pan down with your camera they also disappear. Not sure what’s causing this.

Was there ever a fix to this issue as im having the same when it comes to first person bugs

I have the same. Also the lights are a little bit strange

Hello, great script, I have a problem on FiveM, we can’t see the other players inside.

I tried to create an interiorproxie.meta file but now everyone cash when they approach the area.

Do you have a solution ?

How can I increase the LODs? The sign on the building goes back to Larry’s RVs when you walk to the street.