[RELEASE] Military/Security Spawner (edited)

Similar to my other spawners, made a script that turns player into a random military or security ped.

There is a sniper, assault, engineer and support for US and Russia. I’ve also added the built in characters from the game. Depending on the ped created you get a different weapon loadout.

Found the peds on the site and were free. I did not create them. I am just including them here to make it easier. If not allowed let me know and I’ll remove them.

Feel free to modify the loadouts, add or remove peds, etc.

The marker is in the Government Facility, behind the wall, by the garage doors

military_security_spawner.zip (3.6 KB)

EDIT: Thanks to tentmodz1, I can now give credit to the original maker of the peds, jr59. The link to download the peds it below.


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Please include credits for the peds

post has been edited

the fact that you didn’t give credit to person who created those peds but my get taken is sum type

Battlefield 4 Full Pack [Add-On Ped] - GTA5-Mods.com the fact that you give this guy the actual credits!!

First, thank you for finding that battlefield pack.
I knew it was out there but I could not find it. Its been sitting on my harddrive and while now. He is one person who created the peds but that is not originally where I found them. Someone else must have copied his work and I got a copy.
Even the patreon support page is different. I’ve downloaded his on my drive so I have where they came from.

I’m not trying to take credit away from anyone on here. Unlike the people who change a couple lines in code and then try to sell it on Tebex. All of my stuff is free and will remain that way.
I will edit the post again.

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sorry if i was sounding rude and stuff im not feel great today and all the stuff your welcome that found it becuase that mod took down all my stuff :confused: so wanna make sure that mod doesn’t people stuff down for fivem