[RELEASE] MenuV Ped Clothing/Customization Menu

Hello again people,

I would like to share my resource that I created with MenuV to customize my player ped and clothing.
Just as my last release said, I am still fairly new at development and could use as much criticism so I can improve my code.


  • Ped Customization
  • Ped Clothing
  • Feature Color Customization
  • Component texture changes

In Development:

  • Cameras for when the menu is open

Hello again everyone! I have been working on the menu and have figured multiple things out along the way that improved this menu immensely so I rewrote the whole menu from scratch. If you see any issues or have any suggestions, as always give me a shout.


  • Added Texture functionality
  • Added facial feature functionality
  • Added logic for getting max values

There was an problem with MenuV and the SetMaxValue function for range items, so follow the instructions or read the README in order to fix the issue.

  1. Navigate to your menuv resource folder and open menuv.lua in your preferred code editor.
  2. Crtl-F and search for SetMaxValue. It should be on line 1501 if you havent formatted the file or added any lines.
  3. Change self.Min = input to self.Max = input.
  4. Below that, change the if statement for the min max from if (self.Min < self.Max) then to if (self.Min > self.Max) then
  5. Save.