[RELEASE] [MAP] [FREE] Kush Park Drift Island

Kush Park - Drift Island

(updated - 04/12/22)


Preview Videos:-
Sprint Side = Kush Park Island (V1.2) - Sprint Side Preview (FiveM) - YouTube
Circuit Side (Old) = Kush Park - Lap Preview (FiveM/GtaV Map) - YouTube

I Made this map with Drifting in Mind, it has Some Nice Flowing Corners and Elevation Changes which make it Challenging but Fun no matter what your Style of Driving.

Whats New?
Version 1.2 Has Added Terrain and a New Road that Ties it onto the Main Map, the Road is Styled the same as the rest of the map and is perfect for drifting :v:

I have also completely Redone the Terrain Textures using vert painting, thiiiiiis doesnt look as detailed in my opinion, but it has allowed me to remove 100+ high res textures which has reduced file size and hopefully improved performance a fair bit

also to help with performance i have removed a large chunk of the trees and bushes, again this doesnt look as nice in my opinion but should hopefully boost everyones fps

Download Here :- Google Drive

(you can still use this Bridge to Cayo Perico,
I have made a tunnel under the map which this bridge goes through)

All the Map Models are made by me apart from the Foliage and a few Props,
I am Still Adding Details, and Altering Parts Slightly and will continue to improve :+1:

a lot of time and effort went into modelling this map, so if you do Enjoy and Feel like Rewarding my Efforts, Consider Donating to my Paypal,
Anything is Appreciated and supports further development :green_heart:

Any Issues or Feedback feel free to let me know, Enjoy :v:
(Discord - xXKushXx#3319)

Addons & Extras

– MiniMap –

just a little add on, I have added the island to the maps in game :+1:

To add just download below and add the files into the KC_KushDrift “stream” folder :v:

KC_KushPark_MiniMap - Google Drive

– No LS/Main Map Addon –

This is for use on Servers With No LS/Main Map, Or if you Plan to Move the Map to a Different Location.
It Adds another Small Island With a Car Park so the Road Doesn’t just lead to a drop :+1:
The Car Park has a lil Drift Route round it and a fun little Bowl to play in :yum:

Video Preview - YouTube

To Add Download Below, Install Instructions Included :v:

KushPark_NoMap_Addon - Google Drive

It felt like a waste having the above Carpark only useable as a no map extra, so i have added it to another location.
Its kind of a bodge job, it could be in a nicer place and be joined better but it works fine.


KC_KushDrift_CarparkAlt - Google Drive


I have Left the Old Versions, if you are not interested in the outer terrain and new road, or if for any reason you prefer the old Textures and Lack of Barriers you can still get here - [RELEASE] Kush Park Mountain Loop

New Discord, pretty Basic, not a big discord person, but should do job :laughing:


Thank you for making it free. going to check it out shortly

Would u make an edited version for a different perico bridge, if paid?

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oof, unlikely if im honest :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
it depends which bridge though i suppose?
but the only other one i know of is the one that goes from the car park where my road starts,
would be a fair bit of work accommodating that one :dizzy_face:

@Jaaybops_Media this looks like something you’d enjoy :slight_smile:

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Nice work! I saw the v1 like a year ago. My question is so I need to use the bridge to get to the map?


thanks :v:
changed a fair bit since v1, or v0.99.1, had way too many versions of this map :laughing:

i wonder if anyone remembers when it looked like this :dizzy_face:

hopefully not :grin:

and No, the cayo perico bridge is not used to get to my map.
it goes underneath it, just use if you want to drive to cayo :v:

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For the people that have this in their city does it cause any additional lag or anything?

it should be fine hopefullys, i have left the LOD distance pretty low so it doesn’t spawn in till your pretty close to it, and i get higher fps at my map than i do in the city :upside_down_face:

Also someone said the other day that they ran an event there with 150 people without any issues :+1:

Eventually i will make lower poly LODs for the models to make run better and stop parts of the map disappearing when far away, but its not bad as it is :v:


You Are Great - The Top Of The Bill - The Super Max :heart: :v: :+1:

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love it


amazing map everyone in my city loves it we have ran two events with new drifters and have had nothing but compliments.


Just wondering how do I remove the trees on the road and the fence blocking the entrance?

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Theres files in the stream folder that do that, but i edited dlc files so only works on certain game builds, i use the tuner dlc, can confirm they removed in that build :v:

if your not interested in updating game build you can let me know which build your using and ill make files to remove them.
or you could just rename the files to match the names of the build your using, if you want to do you need to edit these files:-

if you are using the original build you might just be able to remove “hei_” from the start of names :+1:

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Thank you bro. I appreciate it :smiley:

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it’s incredible! pure love of mapping! Honestly, what you just did is priceless! is very good!

shot bro snapping this up now

I have the same Problem, i am using San Andreas Mercanaries Build Version