[Release] Manual Transmission (Client)

Omg that would be so good if possible, or if create a system that able client script for some players and not the whole server

Would definitely like a serverside version of this script for my FiveM server that doesn’t have scripthook enabled, if you or anyone else is up for attempting to make it!


Hi, you need to change something in the script because I play on a sever with a gas script and it configs with the gas script and drops the frames and kills the fivem shutting it down.

I could also just seize FiveM support since it’s giving more headaches than satisfaction :upside_down_face:

Menu doesnt open for me any ideas?

[{ key beside p

Am i the only one that cant use this mod for a FiveM server with custom script.

Mine does The Stoner Lounge

I’m having an issue where numbers aren’t being displayed next to the option.

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I’m having this issue too!

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Bump, still no fix?

Is this script ever going to be server sided? Any genius’s out there I would like to see a server sided version of this as I do not allow client side scripts into my server. Thanks!

No, I’ve got no plans for that.

I am having the same issue as @dav37 No matter what I do it does not show any of the values for me.

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Will this mod still work after the changes to FiveM mod support?

@A.Kazek @dav37
I don’t know why the menu doesn’t work. It just draws a bunch of text on a box, there’s no reason why the options/arguments size won’t work. It works in SP.

What changes? If FiveM stops supporting client-side mods, this won’t be usable.

Could you try and see if you could try and get in contact with the FiveM developers to see what’s going on? This isn’t the only modification that this occurs in unfortunately.

If it’s not fixed yet - afaik it’s the use of (unescaped) < and >.

Since it “just works” in SP, I don’t see much reason to change it with priority.

Hi guys I’ve been watching this thread and really hoping it has been fixed?? Any updates will be greatly appreciated.

is anyone able to help I lunch the game the menu works and everything but my steering wheel wont work its detecting only keyboard do you know why? or how to fix it?