[Release] Manual Transmission (Client)

If it’s not fixed yet - afaik it’s the use of (unescaped) < and >.

Since it “just works” in SP, I don’t see much reason to change it with priority.

Hi guys I’ve been watching this thread and really hoping it has been fixed?? Any updates will be greatly appreciated.

is anyone able to help I lunch the game the menu works and everything but my steering wheel wont work its detecting only keyboard do you know why? or how to fix it?

Hey! I can’t get this to work, it just doesn’t open in the game. Where do I install script hook to? Into the same plugins folder? What if the server doesn’t allow scripthook?

First absolutely love this mod. I really enjoy the key bound look left or look right commands that this mod adds for when driving with a steering wheel.

Does anyone know of a server-side script that could just add those two commands?

I am pretty basic/ hobbyist when it comes to coding, but enjoy challenges and learning as I go.
I was also wondering if anyone could help me locate the section/ sections of code in this mod that handles these commands because if there isn’t a resource yet, I would like to start working on one.

Thanks for all the hard work and giving us something to work with.

Hay, the servers need to have clien scripts enabled a.k.a. set on 1, and then you will be able to use it in that server :wink:

Anyone able to make this a server-side script? Not asking the creator because I know you said you won’t, but I can’t use my steering wheel AND have client scripts disallowed on my server. I cannot enable client scripts because of the type of server I have, but I want to use my steering wheel, thanks!

EDIT: Please? sorry, if this is a bother by the way! :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


Hey, I’m guessing u got your steering wheel to set up and mine isn’t working properly, I go onto the fivem I select any server and the button that is registered doesn’t like work, I hit the button so many times, and I even changed the button.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

The server needs to allow SP scripts.

No server side :pensive:

You won’t have:

  • Linear steering
  • Force feedback
  • Actual manual transmission

link does not work could you reupload ? the working fivem version the newest one doesnt detect g29 at all but wheel exe does and in gtav it does

The link is just to the download page on 5mods.

FiveM is on 1868, so the version on 5mods should still work fine. FiveM will probably upgrade to 2060 soon though, but 5.0 supports that version without issues.

I just did a few laps on a random server, and the steering wheel still works. Any detection issue is probably on your side.

which version i have tryed everyone of them none work

says no steering wheel detected

If anybody’s having issues with 4.6.0:

In-dev version of 4.6.1 with fixes for FiveM.


[23:28:53.722] [ INFO] Game version VER_1_0_1103_2_NOSTEAM
[23:28:53.723] [ INFO] File Version: 1.0.1290.1

That 1290 update was nice, but some things hadn’t been updated. I’d do a PR but I’ll be busy next week. In fact I should’ve gone to bed 2 hours ago.

that link

What? Don’t use that link, just use the stable release.

And read the documentation for fucks sake

Do you need scripthook to run this in FiveM? Cheers

this is loved on my server The Stoners PlayHouse built for fun times only