[Release] Manage Your own Store [ ESX / QBCore / VRP / Standalone ] [PAID]

Can you send me your discord or something? I’ve bought this on Wed, Jun 23 and I want to get the QBCore version. How can I contact you?

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Just go to the same download link and download :smiley:

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Update 3.3:

  • QBCore 2 updated.

Hi i made a weapon store but how can i check if player has weapon license ? QBCore Version

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  • Can it be turned off that the goods that the shop operator buys from players do not have a fixed route, so that the shop can be used with the server jobs & farming routes?

  • Can the manager set how much he pays per item in the purchase?

I’ve been looking for a script like this for ages with the proviso that this doesn’t have to be bought by players to use it & that there are no set routes.

e.g. Can the manager “Order” an item, a player can reserve that order and earn it through jobs or routes.

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You can define the route for each product in the script’s configuration file, for example, if there is an item called Wheat and you want to set the route to that item to be on the farm, you can define that.

Until now, the manager cannot define the amount he wants to pay for each mission, this amount is pre-defined. But we can add this in a future update. And nothing prevents you from doing it within Roleplay.

The script works exactly like this, the manager can create a quest in his shop asking for a certain item, a player goes to the shop and accepts the quest, and then goes towards that specific item’s route to pick up and then deliver. Pointing out that the item is delivered to the player via the route in the quest and then he must return to the store to complete the quest. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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for anyone using the code. it worked but it should be weapon_ and it should be licences .other wise it worked :slight_smile: thanks to you . :star_struck: and to your team member always helping. keep it up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much !! We are really happy :star_struck:

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For everyone who wants to verify QBCore weapons licenses:

Open the Server/Configurate.lua file and add the following code to the end of the file:

function hasWeaponLicense(source)
	local xPlayer = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayer(source)
	if xPlayer then
        return xPlayer.PlayerData.metadata['licences'].weapon

Then open the Server/Server.lua file and on line 618, add the following code:

for i,k in pairs(data.cart) do
		if string.find(k.name, "weapon_") then
			if not hasWeaponLicense(idJ) then
				TriggerClientEvent('lg_stores: SendPopMessage', idJ, "error", "You dont have a weapon license")

After that, restart the script and run the tests, let us know if it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

oh its so cute

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Update 3.4

  • Fixed an issue where on some servers players were not able to purchase the store correctly.