[Release] LX Security | CCTV Camera Menu | Ace Permissions | Rotating/Zoom/Scrolling

LX Security :camera:

LX Security is a system for FiveM that allows members with permissions (Police) to monitor & view a variety of cameras in your server. It also has an export, to implement, what camera was triggered, into your police alerts.

The config is very self-explanatory and it’s rather simple to add new cameras, with rotation lock and camera quality.




  • 0.01ms - When idle and in the camera menu.

  • 0.21ms - When in a camera, handling the camera UI and controls scaleform, it returns to 0.01ms when you close the camera.

Installation & Usage

  1. Download the resource and the depencies from GitHub.
  2. Add the resource to your resources folder.
  3. In your server.cfg add ensure lx_security to it, so the resource starts.
  4. /cctv - Toggles the security menu that allows you to select the category assigned to said camera, which then has a location, which lets you select from all of the cameras at that location.

Permissions Setup

Add your identifier of your choice into the ace setup, like below!

# LX Aces
add_ace LX.Security lx-security allow
add_principal identifier.license:02sjdwdw4 LX.Security # Players Name

Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

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how to disable ace permission? I would just like to set the condition job = cops, but I can’t.

Yes i think so.

No problem, enjoy, if you have any problems or bugs, make sure you report them in our Discord, so we can get them sorted straight away.

You can turn off ace permissions in the config, shared/shared.lua/CCTV_Config.UseAces just set that to false.

Now if you want to use ESX or VRP, either you or someone else will have to do that, as we’ve never used those frameworks; So, we’re unable to do so.

Awesome! Looks great

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Its a great release but its not that optimized.

No problem, enjoy.

It’s very optimized, the only reason it hits 0.20ms, as it is drawing 2 scaleforms at once, it doesn’t affect FPS, and the memory doesn’t go over 800KB.

If you want to decrease the 0.20ms make a fork on GitHub and we’ll take a look.

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Did you even check the code? Or did you just assume it’s not optimized by just checking the screenshot of the usage?

As @LX_Creations said, drawing scaleforms itself will cause that usage while in the scaleform.

Well not all scaleforms, it depends on which ones and how they’re drawn, e.g. Top left notification or something similar will draw around 0.20ms - 0.40ms, which is pretty standard.

The controls scaleform, uses about 0.20ms, if he really wants to remove that, for lower ms, whilst in a camera, he is welcome to :D.

The code is free to edit as you like, just don’t repost it, use it in something else without permission from us, or claim it as your own.

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Very trueee :slight_smile:

Not works witch me…

[    122922] [b2189_GTAProce]             MainThrd/ Started resource lx_security
[    122922] [b2189_GTAProce]             MainThrd/ 
[    122969] [b2189_GTAProce]  UV loop: httpClient/ Required resources: lx_security 
[    122969] [b2189_GTAProce]                15452/ Error: Couldn't load resource lx_security: Couldn't parse URI.
[    122985] [b2189_GTAProce]                15452/ Killing network: Couldn't load resource lx_security: Couldn't parse URI.
[    123594] [b2189_GTAProce]             MainThrd/ OnConnectionProgress: Mounted lx_security (1 of 1)
[    123688] [b2189_GTAProce]             MainThrd/ Killing network, stage 2...
[    123719] [b2189_GTAProce]        CrBrowserMain/ Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'postMessage' of null (@game/ui/root.html:60)

Sorry for the late response, I did reply but I guess it wasn’t accepted.

If you go on the Github download, you will find where we supply all of our support.