[Release] Luxart Vehicle Control

install this and your key “V” to change view on car will broken

How do I change the tone that the up arrow plays? I want it to play a wail instead of the main siren.

You do so by adding the slot inside client.lua

Did you ever work this out? I’m still stuck with this issue haha

dont know why you are bumping this anyways use GitHub - TrevorBarns/luxart-vehicle-control: A siren / emergency lights controller for FiveM. its much more updated

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Because I needed help on this and this is the main thread for it?

There’s a load of dead threads if people don’t talk on the main ones, either way thank you for the help, I’ll look into this later today.

Is there a way I can disable the “-” and “=” keys from controlling the turn signals? I want to remove them completely so I can set a different turn signal script to those bindings.

Hi. i need help…
I have a problem with your script, when you are inside a police/ems vehicle I cannot interact with the F6 and F7 keys…
And in F6 I have the interaction menu from work, as in all servers.

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hey makaveli kannst du mir mal schreiben oder könnten wir mal kurz über discore reden ist sehr wichtig wo um late night geht

is there a way to do non els server sided sirens

Yes there is! Check out YouTube there is a Tutorial that I used. I will try to find it and link you it.

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Does anyone know how I can make to where I can use the traffic director on paid cars that I’ve bought? I’ve been trying to figure it out, but no luck. It would be cool to use that function!

komme nicht in den server rein

[ script:lvc] SCRIPT ERROR: @lvc/UTIL/sv_lvc.lua:96: attempt to concatenate a nil value (global ‘repo_version’)

how to fix?

bro i can t grt on the server and i dont do any mistakes can you tell me why i cant get on

Amazing job thanks

Next time poste or reply in english, like everything else on the forum.

This increases the chance of finding an answer to your question.

As example; an reaction to youre reply:

What exactly do you mean by this, you can no longer access the server yourself?

Hey, have you been able to make it work with vehicles that use ELS ?

Does take down not due anything???