[Release] Luxart Vehicle Control

how do I make fire vehicles have fire sirens?


I’m a new server owner and trying to figure some of this out. This server had stuff already in it. I tried this in our server and it disabled our light control. We can’t press Q or Y anymore to turn on the lights. We are not using ELS vehicles.

Before this we had an issue with Sirens being heard by other players. I could have mine on but no one else would hear it. With this added, players could hear others sirens but the light controls were disabled. I discovered you could hold B on controller and hit Q on keyboard and it would turn on the lights but that is not practical.

Is there a way to get this script to activate based on an array of vehicle models rather than a vehicle category?

adjust the code, there is always a way

It works good.
I just don’t really know the controls.
But every time I use it with a Tahoe, on the rear windows lights, and the ram bar lights come on. But I am going to see if I can fix that, I think it is the vehicle. But if you could make a control list for me that would be a life saver! I spend like 10 to 20 minutes trying to figure out which keys are for the lights and sirens!

The script works fine for me but there is one vehicles which dont work with this script.
I think in the vehicle.meta is all correct


Anyone have a idea what to do for fix it?

i our emergency cars we can´t open our phone(f1), personal Menu(f5) and job menu(f6) can someone tell me how i can fix that?

where do i find lux vehicle control x

Hi did you find a fix? Thanks

nope sorry but i am looking for it everywhere

I want to use default sirens but after adding cars to the top selection to use default sirens they all have the firetruck horn. Is this where I could fix that? Or could I replace the firetruck horn with an in-game default horn?

Does anyone know a good combination that makes u not turn on lights and siren when going though menu’s on controller in game. E.G when I change something on my character on the vmenu I use my controller.

If you haven’t found the fix make sure the controls in the client file aren’t blocking those buttons

Hello, I use a controller and when I press the D-pad down that siren I assume is the main one. I would like to set it up to where when I press the D-pad up it activates it again. Is there anyone that can help me with this? Thank you.