[RELEASE] Las Venturas - San Fierro DLC

In this post I want to share my FiveM Ready version of : here with you. I hope you have a lot of fun with it!

Download : here

Credits :
Original : Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC - ORIGINAL - GTA5-Mods.com


remove your support link (discord link) dude your not allowed to post discord invites on posts :wink:

it only was for support, sry.

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Will there be an update on where the city will be shown on the map?

You need to download the script PollyZone that Las Venturas will be shown on the map. @sctt3

Maybe you can convert the remastered Version its newer and better. Would be nice


how to install ?

Hey thank you for this! Think you might want to dabble in the Vice City Map? :smiley:

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map not spawning

Its just copy-paste

It is it already

nop not spawning its not spawning on the server ;( i have download and kopie in the folder maps an load per cfg

Why isn’t Red County Not Loading is there a way to get that to work

Red County is not loading because that portion is part of the GTA V Map… the GTA V Map is where LS and that part of the county is, all they did was add in LV, SF and the areas in between those.

Its working perfectly here :smiley:

Actually I do have 1 issue, no AIs are spawning on the main island anymore since the implementation of the new map. Wouldn’t have a clue to what’s causing it would you?

EDIT: I figured it out.

Remove the 2 pop files from the stream folder.

And in the resource file, comment out the pop ymt there, and the AI wont be affected.

Of course the AI won’t spawn on the GTA SA portion of the map just return to normal on the GTA V map.

why is flint county not working either

The parts of the map not included from the GTA SA Map its taken out of purpose to fit into the RP of the current GTA MAP… it’s meant to be an add-on, not a replacement.

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Does this include the bridge between the two as well?