LEFT ALT + Home is how to open the menu.

Is that a ESX scrpit?

Is there anywhere I can change the menu open to ALT + F11?

Im not sure but what key to open the menu

How do I open the Menu?

I cant seem to make the Script work cause all everytime i click F1 for him to follow me it never works.

Is this script supported in ■■■■ framework?

Hello, it all works well except for one thing, when i aim and press F1 the K9 attacks ME, instead of my Suspect…

Is there any reason as to why it does that?

Dog spawn not working can anyone help?

Why does the dog attack me instead of someone else? Is this for AI or does it work with other online players

if you tell it to attack another person who is a police officer it does this? not sure if thats what you are doing

Have tried the newest version. Still, dog attacks me on command NOT the person i am aiming at. Any fix for this?

Works on locals and attacks them but not other players.