[Release] [JS] Radio

Is this radio working now? I don’t even have anything to reproduce

haha your exact example helped me find the danish url’s thanks m8 :smiley:

would you be kind enough to share with me?,i 'm looking for .ogg radio and must be driving myself insane. Thank you in advance

Send me a dm, thanks!

Is there a way to change the name of the song playing in the Radio-Wheel?

please help me to add this live radio :frowning: https://www.nogoumfm.net/live-radio-stream/

ineed to add live radio how ido this ?

Do you know how iadd live radio please ?

How to make the radio work outside the car so that everyone can hear it

i have do that but it dusn’t work for my this is my weblick: https://www.league-fm.nl/

Did you find out how to fix it?
I mean, the script works but i have a “0” radio here

also my plugin folder is called “radio”

how you solve it


I keep getting this error. Any ideas?


dose the radio allow radio streams that have .mp3a at the end?

this the web url ! you must write stream url !

Hi people, please tell me if there is a way to make the radio a little quieter for example, you are driving a car, and next to your assistant on the shop floor is sitting (Rp-player-friend, girlfriend) but they have the volume as in the config 0.2, but still loud, maybe there is a function to make it a little quieter for example CAPS + (louder) CAPS - (quieter)

so i want to stream live radio, what web radios can you use? would iheart radio work?

I’ve been using iheart stations (aac) for 1-2 years without issues, but recently it stopped working. Now it seems only ogg is working.