[Release] IVPack for server-side usage

This is IVPack by _CP_ converted to be used as a server-side resource together with the December 30 update for FiveReborn.

It also, conveniently, serves as an example for using add-on cars.

You’ll have to use the “Enter name manually” option in Enhanced Reborn to spawn the added vehicles, these are the names:

  • admiral
  • angel
  • apc
  • blade2
  • bobcat
  • bodhi
  • boxville6
  • brickade2
  • buccaneer3
  • bus2
  • cabby
  • chavos
  • cheetah2
  • contender2
  • coquette4
  • df8
  • diabolus3
  • double2
  • esperanto
  • feltzer
  • feroci
  • feroci2
  • flatbed2
  • floater
  • fortune
  • freeway
  • futo2
  • fxt
  • ghawar
  • hakuchou3
  • hakumai
  • hellfury
  • huntley2
  • interceptor
  • jb7002
  • lokus
  • lycan
  • lycan2
  • marbelle
  • merit
  • mrtasty
  • nightblade2
  • nrg900
  • nstockade
  • oracle
  • packer2
  • perennial
  • perennial2
  • phoenix2
  • pinnacle
  • pmp600
  • police6
  • police7
  • police8
  • premier2
  • pres
  • pres2
  • pstockade
  • rancher
  • rebla
  • reefer
  • regina2
  • revenant
  • rom
  • sabre
  • sabre2
  • schafter
  • sentinel3
  • smuggler
  • solair
  • stanier2
  • steed
  • stratum2
  • stretch2
  • stretch3
  • sultan2
  • superd2
  • supergt
  • taxi2
  • taxi3
  • tourmav
  • turismo2
  • typhoon
  • uranus
  • vigero2
  • vincent
  • wayfarer
  • willard
  • wolfsbane2
  • yankee
  • yankee2

Download (thanks to the FiveReborn project for hosting)

As usual with streamed resources, make sure you added the resource (ivpack) to your AutoStartResources.


Great work!

Also a note to Server-owners: Make sure to restart the server once this is added instead of just reloading it. Also do not reload the script while the server is running or it’ll cause problems.

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well since todays update the loading screen is missing the addeventhandler which causes issues with the loading but great work amazing job this can be used to stream other addons and clan metas etc

thank’s for this mod. nice.
i used it as example for my mods test.
btw can you tell how obtain this value

 resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5'

since this has technically opened the door wide open for addon streaming does anyone think it would be possible for vehicles and peds to be streamed that are addons if so how?

Currentley they can only be found in update announcements, In the future they will probably be on the wiki

dubsta3 missing from the list. My favorite car :scream:

this list is only vehicles included with IVPack, not the ones from the game itself?

Can you use this method to add any DLCPack type of add-on to FiveReborn? Nice work on getting IVPack to work, though. One of my favorites mods that has been released for this game so far :smiley:

@Carrythxd yes you can multiple post have been made on how to also look thru the threads, but you can use it for all addons and make sure you stream the proper metas needed etc

Does not seem to want to load, very annoying.

Are you able to fix this?

Maybe Due to the fact that this post is from 2016. On The Old Server Versions.

I’m very aware of this. I was asking if OP could fix it…

I doubt they will since it’s VERY easy to do…

Doesn’t this resource still work verbatim? There were no compatibility changes over the past 2 years regarding this.

And, well, I’m not sure how to. I’d rather not completely break it.

There are many tutorials. Videos and also written. A simple search is all that’s required.