[Release] Inventory Binds - now with UI

What is this?:
I present to you a script that allows you to bind items. Lets say you want to use bread without going into F2 inventory, using our script you can simply bind your items as 1-5 numbers, script was originally made for polish servers, so that’s why it is in polish on preview, but we decided to change it later on, github version is now in English, and it also has a cute ui now. Icons have to be 100x100 otherwise they will glitch.

UI: unknown
HOW TO BIND ETC: ESX Inventory Binds - YouTube


  • esx_weaponsync
  • es_extended

Author: @szymczakovv & @mlodygustav


Guide: How to add this to fivem server: Poradnik implementowania bindowania na serwer FiveM - YouTube

Amazing UI :star_struck:

That is true :sunglasses:

mines still in polish lol and dont we need an SQL?

“README.MD” and all lua files updated to english language, sql is in readme.md

Good job