[Release] Hypnonema - a Cinema Resource (Update: now with Twitch Support!) [C#]

Hey! How can i create a New Screen with Cords?

Hi, very good job
Not possible to GTA IV ?

++++agree with you

Amazing Script!!! Only issue I’ve been having is my client console keeps spamming failed to read CurrentTime. Other than that, it’s been amazing! Video here

Out at our Drag Strip:

Out at our Vespucci Beach Concert Stage

So, i got nginx running and i am able to connect to it with VLC media player, but i cannot see the stream in the hypnonema. How did you fix that part?

Is there a way to set permissions for players to play videos without giving permissions to delete or edit existing screens?

Not possible


Still no one able to fix the “spam on the F8 console” ?

mine doesnt work i need detailed instruction apparently…do i need to make a resouce.lua if how what needs to be in it? the /hypnonema command isnt even an option for me

hey all just wondering does anyone know the render target name and mode name for the tvs in the bedroom of the casino pent house because i can get sound but no pitcher from what i have found it says the render target name is tvscreen but that doesnt seem to work

can anyone give me a solution for this MIO cinema?

Is there a way to make rented movies work on youtube, or services like netflix/disney+ etc ?