[Release] Holograms / Floating text

Hey, nice relase, but someone know how to do the next? For example when the player is nearby press ‘E’ and changes the text, for talk with ana NPC for example.
(Sorry for my bad english)

a quick question. Is there a way to make it display an image from ftp folder or the internet?

I have a question: could you change the colors of the texts individually?

i can’t get it to work

same, I can’t get it to work

Hi everyone, what the 4th number after the x,y and z coordinates cause it doesn’t work for me. I think in not the heading. The script is nice and essential tho. GG on that

but i have 2 or 3 scripts that have Draw3DText and works but its didnt work with holograms?

how where is the draw3dtext script because i have the same problem