[Release] Hide Commands - Hide mis-spelled commands in chat! [fax-hidecmds] [1.2]

Thanks for the report I’ll have a look into it…

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Since you are looking into it anyways, could you also add a little error message when someone types an unknown/mis-spelled command? Something like: “Unknown command. Are you sure you typed the command correctly?”.

Maybe an extra challenge, for you, or someone else, maybe have a feature/resource which would ‘disable capitalization on commands’. So let’s say a player types /RESPAWN instead of /respawn, and that the command will still work. (sorry if there is already a resource out there for this, couldn’t find it.)

Well for the capitalisation you can do that in a script already by using the RegisterCommand function. To memory this will send the command as a lowercase it this is used for each command.

For the error message I’ll look into that.


Update 1.1

  • Fixed the issue of any chat output not working, Its been fixed thanks to @ItsLeandro for confirming for me.

  • Report back any other errors.

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Appreciate the quick fix @FAXES :wink:

Totally forgot about the RegisterCommand function, thanks :slight_smile:

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Just when I thought it was working the way it should, it doesn’t unfortunately.

When I use the Chat Roles plugin by JayJay ([Release] Chat Roles [UPDATED 5/30/18] [Tutorial Released]) your resource will duplicate the messages.

Here a screenshot:

I think the roles resource has the hide commands within it.


You’re right, thanks :slight_smile:

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If anyone is having this issue, using the police script rank titles, I removed these lines

	TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, Name, { 255, 255, 255 }, Msg)

Line 8, 9 and 10 sv_cmd.lua

Works for me on my server.

If you take that out then regular text will not work. The chat roles resource already has a hide commands feature and also does exactly what this script does.

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I was only using titles with the police script and it was causing dupe texts, removed that line no dupe text and commands are blocked, so, if it works it works!

ALSO, edited my original post to be more clear on that

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i dont know if its my server being bugged but it is not allowing me to type in server chat unless im using a command like /me or /ooc @FAXES

Yes, normal text did not enter. I fixed this bug in 1.1. try updating it to 1.1

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fixed it ((20 chars))

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cant erase that last end and it works fine thanks

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This resource is not working. It shows all Commands to any user

If installed correctly it will work

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it dont work and i almost sure i have install it correctly

It works. Reinstall it make sure there’s no conflicts

I have reinstalled it several times - this is the sv_cmd https://gyazo.com/d7a1337aecb31f8fde544d88f2de6f7f - and this is the resource https://gyazo.com/3a9cca1027cac3ea55fdfce22ce90577