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Welcome to Benny’s Luxury Motorworks, the premier destination for luxury car enthusiasts in Los Santos. Our facility offers the perfect environment for customization, maintenance, and relaxation, with multiple workshops, rooms, and a stunning chill-out bar. Located on the docks of Los Santos, our second branch of the headquarters in the airport, we cater to the needs of all car enthusiasts, including those involved in underground racing.

Key Points:

Multiple tuning workshops equipped with the latest technology and equipment.
Three comfortable rooms for your employees.
Dynamic lighting in the MLO for beautiful reflections.
Chill-out bar for relaxation while your car is being customized and tuned.
Best performance known by HEX.
Customizable animated TV screens and logos to add a personal touch to your experience.


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements FiveM
Support Yes

In the preview it says Logo is changeable, does that go for all bennys branding? Thanks!

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Only for the logo in t he reception, picture frames and the tv screen. The 3d logos are not changeable.

This looks absolutely incredible!

Can you please add this to your Test server? :pray:

Will be updated asap.

do you guys have a discord for support? purchased the mlo and im having audio issues

yes we do, but you can write here too!

When people go into the building they cannot hear each other. They have to go out and back in to hear anyone. Any ideas?

You are the first one with this issue. It has to be something with your voice system because our other customers have no issues.

wonderful, may i know if we can change the 3d logo aswell

ive had the same issue once you are half way into the shop, as well as vehicles disappearing

any news about it? :slight_smile:

You can remove the 3d Logo but not change it.

You can remove the 3d Logo but not change it.

Can u just the name for me? With extra charges