[Release][FREE] XYZ_Anticheat

Yup, its paste. Should have mentioned that. But still, everything else is made almost by me. Some functions were also taken from Badger, not going to mention that?
I’m not hiding the fact I pasted it :wink:

Yup, all is standalone.

Added to post that it was pasted. Thanks for information on this, forgot to mention

It is well (:

Nice release

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how do i add ace perms for this ?

on github there is a command you need to put in server.cfg. There will be update soon! New changes!

New Update!

Update 1.0

  • Added Auto-Whitelisting of server events
  • *Added * A lot of blacklisted Events: 514 , blacklist won’t be a problem
  • Added server_safety(registering net events in server)
  • Removed buggy functions
  • Changed server_config.lua
  • Changed client_config.lua

I’ll add, this whitelist is working only for RegisterServerEvent, Change all RegisterNetEvent to RegisterServerEvent for it to work!

Update 1.1

  • Added Client Detection:
  • Fixed Issue with bans not loading correctly
  • Fixed Issue with saving ban randomly generating error
  • Fixed Issue with random spawns of blacklisted ped => ban
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Update won’t come very soon, I may decide to abandon this project for now. I’m creating new version of anticheat, xyz_anticheat2.0

Waaay better security and detections, but that’s it only, for now…

Quick Info, so you won’t be annoyed so much :frowning:

Hey there!

Yes, of course.

you need to add this

add_principal identifier.steam:yourhexid XYZ.acadmin

in your server.cfg. of course yourhexid means steam hex of your admins.

Also, could you please tell me the reason you are getting banned?


2 things.

  1. New update to anticheat, download it. I’ve forgot to upload it on github prior to writing Update 1.1
  2. Delete any events that are from es_extended from blacklistedEvents.lua. Since ESX uses RegisterNetEvent and not RegisterServerEvent, thus you’re getting banned for ‘blacklisted Event’

getting banned for using a script for changing the drive terrain on any vehicle. cant figure out why or how to disable it sadge

If you have webhook on then you should receive webhook with ban reason. Otherwise, check server console right after the ban for the reason of ban. Please send me ss of the ban reason, so I can help you with it!

it said it was because of injection and thats it. Using this script, [Free][Standalone] Drivetrain Sciprt

I’ll look into it later. Thanks for reporting the issue!

Update 1.2

-Fixed False-positive bans

Thanks for the credit, but you should have asked me before publishing some parts of my code :slight_smile:

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Hey there! Yes, sorry for forgetting to ask for permission to publish the part of your code. But glad to see you saw my post. Thanks anyway!

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