[RELEASE] [FREE] szi_atmrobbery

i do like that ^^ and i ve 2 option for atm
local atm = {
exports[“bt-target”]:AddTargetModel(atm, {
options = {
event = “FzD-Numpad:OpenUI”,
icon = “fas fa-piggy-bank”,
label = “ATM”,
event = “szi_atmrobbery:startHacker”,
icon = “fas fa-piggy-bank”,
label = “Hack ATM”,
job = {“all”},
distance = 2.5

Can do it like that and should work

it work for me… so …

New update that fixed a few bugs

hi" is there any chance you can do it to search trash script? by using bt-target

all is ok =) good update

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Nice Script

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Fixed the blip being broken, new release coming soon with some other configs

Update Released: Fixed blip & Added a version checker

TRASH :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: joking good job dude

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New update released

I ran into an amazing problem. after installing this resource if a player logs on to the server it appears in such coordinates (“z”:-1.2,“y”:7810.7,“x”:-3024.7,“heading”:280.7), if off, this resource, then everything is fine the player appears in the place where I left off…
but the resource is running. what can this be related to?

what do you mean? like the player is spawning in certain places when the resource is started

  • Line 140 was missing a bracket at the end (client.lua)

Fixed now, thank you

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New release pushed that made 2 dependencies optional, also heavily updated the config and fixed a clash with szi_vendingmachine

Updated it to use the VoltLab Hacking Minigame instead of mHacking. Also changed it to use mythic_notify (newer version) for everything instead of showhelpnotification.

Added a server side sync for when the hack is in use, so multiple people can’t hit multiple ATMs at once.

Changed a few locales around too - including adding 1 new one.

Changed Blip Size.

Just in case anyone is interested. Running on ESX.Legacy so far with no issues.

szi_atmrobbery.7z (5.5 KB)

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how does this script works. i added bt-target, PolyZone mhacking, mythic progbar, mythic notify.
i can’t use phone