[Release][Free] Panorama Construction

Panorama Construction

This is my first ever map, it’s a small construction site located on Panorama Dr across from Yellow Jack. If you find any issues or have some suggestions please let me know, I tested this in multiple servers and there was no performance changes. I plan to keep updating this as I get ideas, which is why I used a GitHub link instead of a forum download.


  • Download
  • Drag Into Your resources Folder
  • Add ensure panormaconstruction To Your server.cfg



  • Added New Signs To The Front Entrance
  • Removed Trash Bags and Wooden Posts
  • Removed An Unneeded Front Sign and Back Sign
  • Fixed Vehicles Driving Thru Concrete Barriers



This is very good as a first map! Props to you for not making a map like some people where they add 300 objects in a 5-meter radius.

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Thank you man, glad you like it

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