[Release] [Free] Non ESX Currency System

Here’s the thing, though. For me, as an admitted newbie, I’ve tried several frameworks. I finally settled on ESX. And pretty much everything I have so far operates within the ESX framework. As nice an idea as a non-ESX system sounds, I do not know enough about FiveM Lua scripting to un-ESX everything.

You mentioned building your own framework. That’s nice, I think I’ll name it “NDX” for “Andy’s X” or “No Damned Extended.” :slight_smile:

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lol thank you for the suggestion.

This looks amazing !

I think this will help alot of V-Menu Severs that dont want to be ESX or VRP, Such as mine.

have you got any plans to make any other scripts that will work in twin with this?, Such as jobs or Hotels that don’t rely on ESX ?


Yes there will be add ons coming to this from me. And if the community wants too they can do it too.


If you could make it to where you had just daily player time salary, paying for fuel and other stuff like that and making a clockin scritp for ems/leo/tow and stuff like that.

Any chance on a ETA for these plans you have?