[Release] [Free] [MLO] Ranch De Caniche With Cinema 2.0.9

“Welcome , to Poodle Ranch!”

Located along the Senora Road in Vinewood Hills, situates a ranch previously owned by Martin Madrazo.

‘Ranch De Caniche’ translates from French to ‘Poodle Ranch’.

This resource is for FiveM usage with the understanding that you will not edit or reupload elsewhere. I see you, leakers :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:

It is to work alongside [pmms] for playing content on the cinema screen

as well as [fivem-scenarios] for interacting with scenarios around the world, including the cinema seats.

If you wish to use hypnonema, you’re on your own. Maybe you can get support here - TV render targets.

**Please read the PMMS GitHub ReadMe to get it working correctly.

you will need to read pmms installation
instructions on the GitHub repository, and if you can’t figure it out, open an issue.

I’m not here to hold your hand.

This MLO is a joint project in collaboration with @AleBrambi45 with his permission that I am able to release and add additional changes, and SMGMissy who provided the taxidermy addon props.

It is FREE for FiveM and should not be leaked, sold, copied or modified without at least asking the permission of AleBrambi45 and myself first.


  • Two story building :house_with_garden:
  • 2 Offices :desktop_computer:
  • 9 Bedrooms :bed:
  • 2 Walk In Wardrobes :womans_clothes:
  • Enterable Garage :oncoming_automobile:
  • Working Stable Doors :horse:
  • Weeds & Unnecessary Props Removed :tanabata_tree:
  • Cinema With Seating for 43 Players :popcorn:
  • Car Gens - Volatus Helicopter, Ride On Lawn Mower, Quad Bike in garage, Tractors and ranomized vehicle spawn on driveway :oncoming_automobile:
  • Taxidermy heads credit of SMGMissy :deer:
  • Retextured Dog House & Dog Bed by @TayMcKenzieNZ


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  • Christmas decorations inside ranch and garage :christmas_tree:
  • Christmas tree and snowmen outside :snowman_with_snow:
  • Removal of Volatus Helicopter, Quad Bike in garage and ranomized vehicle spawn on driveway :no_bicycles:



"More Screenshots:


Known Bugs
  • From a distance, the interior appears to not load due to lack of LOD. Don’t worry about it. It’s actually slightly better like this to avoid lag :stuck_out_tongue:

  • It has been brought to my attention that the stairs are a little “buggy” in the Cinema as well as the stairs leading up to the second floor. I didn’t create the MLO, I only added stuff to it and released it with permission. I’d appreciate if you didn’t bombard my DMs or GitHub crying about it.

  • Sticky bombs and grenade are able to go through the second floor middle bedroom window. Again, I didn’t create the MLO, I only added stuff to it and released it with permission.

  • No collision for the dog house. The dog house is originally for Chop and part of the mpsecurity 2545 DLC. There is no embedded collisions and I simply renamed it, and retextured it.

  • No embedded collisions for Scarecrow.

  • Prison maps such as the Bolingbroke Penitentiary For FiveM and the QB-Prison Framework seem to cause a crash while the player is on foot. This is a compatibility issue with the prison map / framework, and not this resource. Shoutout to @Pole_Ice for spending 5+ hours discovering this :weary::beers:


DOWNLOAD THE CUSTOM SCENARIOS I MADE FOR THIS MLO!! (Requires Gamebuild 2173 or higher)


  1. Add to your resources folder.

  2. Add start RanchDeCaniche to your server.cfg

  3. For Christmas props, add the files provided in the OPTIONAL XMAS folder. Backups are provided.

  4. Install pmms and be sure to read the ReadMe thoroughly or you won’t be able to play any media.

  5. Type /pmms in chat while near the basement cinema and/or TV screens, select the screen and open advanced settings. Enter the following and save as an entity, not model:

    Name Volume Same Room Attenuation Diff Room Attenuation Diff Room Volume Range
    Ranch Cinema 100 0 4.2 0.25 10
    Ranch TV Basement 1 100 0.5 7 0.02 10
    Ranch Basement TV 2 100 0.5 7 0.02 10

PMMS by Kibook is NOT included in this repository.

Check out my other releases:



This is amazing, well done


Very good. Looks very nice


The best free maps release that i have ever seen

Well done

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Wow! Impressive release! Hopefully, you are doing more or planning on doing more?! Awesome ideas and amazing work :grin: :+1: :upside_down_face:


Thanks guys! @Biskfather @Splike @Herosander @Elfen

The MLO itself is by AleBrambi45, however they have given me permission to release, re-skin, and add additional props (See screenshots).

I myself am not a map modeler or creator, however I have cleaned up and improved Cayo Perico.

On behalf of AleBrambi45 and I, we are thrilled that you are liking what you see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve actually just made yet another update to this lol, which adds car gens, a helicopter pad, changed up some lights in the basement (there’s a side door btw) bedrooms, and the cinema as, it’s a cinema, it doesn’t need to be soo lit lol


Hello !
I was wondering if you provide the cinema screen coords in the ReadMe file ?
Because i’m pretty sure some of us will use Hypnonema on it or other stream resource.

BTW I love the map ! You did well re-texturing the original one !


Unfortunately I don’t use hypnonema, as the script I’ve suggested has the render targets already provided and allows players (with ace perms) to play anything on any screen, radio, or vehicle, at the same time, whereas hypnonema will play the same thing on all models with that render target and model.

Here is a video showcasing the 3 screens in the basement and why I personally use and suggested PMMS over hypnonema. The video was recorded before I reskinned, modified it, and added more props. You can view more examples on the PMMS GitHub page.

I have however provided the exact same settings for the TVs and Cinema, (that are used and shown in the video) in the GitHub ReadMe.

On the topic of retexturing, I need to work out compression as it is currently a little over the file size limit, as you’ll notice in console, however it is not a major concern right now and isn’t game breaking.

Update 2.0.1 is now available!

  • New garden
  • Fruit Stand
  • Darker Interior & Cinema
  • Kitchen Wallpaper Reskin
  • Pig Feeders
  • Security Cameras
  • Optional Christmas Trees
  • Added floating platforms in swimming pool to stop NPC scenario from floating/drowning in water



Update 2.0.2:

  • Added lights to driveways and swimming pool area

  • Changed bathroom doors to make them differentiate between bedroom/office doors

  • Changed dining room and office chairs

  • Changed living room couch

  • Updated OPTIONAL Xmas Files

Update 2.0.3

  • Added taxidermy addon props, courtesy of SMGMissy

  • Fixed and updated OPTIONAL XMAS folder and backup files

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This is such an amazing project!

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Thanks! I can’t for the life of me understand mirrors though, that’s the only thing that’s really missing from this :tired_face::disappointed:

the card is really lovely.
But I use hypnonema
Pmms doesn’t work. There is no place to enter a link to the clip


PMMS does in fact work, as I stated here:

  1. Install pmms and be sure to read the ReadMe thoroughly.

The reason pmms doesn’t work for people is cos they expect everything to be drag, drop, start resource.

Poodle, aka Kibook, a good friend of mine and creator of the pmms script, went above and beyond making pmms not only work for tv screens but radios and vehicles, adding visualizers and a high pass filter, as well as providing static emitter muting when media is played (play something in a biker gang mlo and its’ audio will stop playing, and pmms will play), best of all, all of the render targets as of mptuner, have been provided. This is a LOT of work cut out, that I do not feel like I should have to do, for hypnonema. With all due respect to anyone who wishes to use hypnonema, you are on your own.

Please read the readme provided in PMMS’s github thoroughly, and you should eventually figure out why you can’t play anything. You need to set it up correctly.

If you have any issues, you will need to contact the PMMS creator.

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Minor bug update

  • Fixed top floor bathroom door positioning

  • Moved leftover floating cameras to be attached to side of ranch

  • Added more xmas decorations to basement hallway - OPTIONAL XMAS FILES


Hi nice MLO i like it :slight_smile:

just a question. how can i make a gfx or get one?

I do not know sorry @Smokiiee