[Release][Free]Improved Sandy Shores Fire Station with Optional Helipad[YMAP]

This is my first release in a very long time and I usually don’t get into editing maps. However, the default SSFD was making me very angry, so I decided to change it and clean it up a bit. The biggest change is just removing all of the junk in and around the station, along with some fences to make room for more vehicles. You can read the full list of changes below.

I created 2 of these maps, one with a helipad and one without. The choice is yours. However, the one without a helipad has some world collision issues in the sandy area to the right of the 2 garage doors.
Yes, I know these issues exist.
No, I cannot (and won’t) fix them.
The helipad covers the collisions anyway so you don’t need to worry about them if you choose to have a helipad.


No Helipad:

With Helipad:

All Changes

-Removed junk cars across from the station
-Removed junk piles around station
-Removed various different bushes and plants growing on and around the station
-Removed junk piles and car from fenced off area east of station (some collisions glitch w/o helipad)
-Removed 2 water towers
-Removed arcade from inside station
-Removed Fences
-(Helipad) Added helipad in east lot
-(Helipad) Manipulated and added fences to surround helipad

No Helipad:ssfd.rar (71.3 KB)
Helipad:ssfd2.rar (75.6 KB)

If you find anything else that needs editing let me know. Enjoy.



can you make a ymap with just the heli pad nothing removed nothing added, just the heli pad on its own?

this is stupid simple… check youtube tuts for ymap making for fivem

@Cole_Plays did u use my map and edit with out my permission FiveM Ready ( Sandy Fire Station Cleaned) - Releases - Cfx.re Community

Nope, and still have code walker open if you’d like to see it. Nice try though.

ok my guy i was just asking to see lol no hate ment lol

I love it!

Appreciate it :slight_smile: