[RELEASE] [FREE] guille_gangsv2 (Best FiveM gang script for ESX)

how do i change it to the esx group

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great release man you are the best btw i have question can we add other inventory or shop becuase i use DP_Inventory maybe we can use it as shop and inventory :kissing_smiling_eyes:

good first of all I really like great launch in the only problem I have is that I do not see what each point is if it is the boss menu or clothes when I’m putting them on the map and in the end I end up with two boss menus and the one from clothes for example

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The point is showed with ShowHelp, update the last version and it should work.

Config, and set yourself as admin

thanks i will try to update

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good job!

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can you add a cloakroom for gang members so boss can change the clothes for gang?
and if you can add a export to get players gang name and rank so we can add it on server hud

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Yes today or tomorrow I will update adding that :wink:


It doesnt work for me. Can somebody help me? I write /creategang or /gangmenu aso and it doesnt show me anything

You need to put your admin group in the config.

Ok thank you

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Ehm… I probably dont have my server configurated with steam ID/hex so is there any other option of writing some admin id in config cause theres Steam hex but i would like to write my nickname

No, add extended group like admin

Oh ok. Like theres one group admin so i gotta write my nickname or something there?

No, if you use es extended you can go to admin groups in the config, and set your group. You can set your own extended group using /setgroup me admin

hi another things to do
gang need member blips and gang location blip
and if you can add more option in boss menu like promote rank or invite member and there is a problem (you can see a member with 3 ranks in boss menu)

Hello, there is a problem with the script and it is that every time the script or the server is restarted the points of the bands disappear like the band, so it is time to recreate the bands from scratch, any solution?

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Yes, just Fixed

Going to fix that