[RELEASE] [FREE] [ESX/QBCore] Fishing With Minigame

Hey everyone, this one’s a fishing script with a little minigame

Preview : [FiveM][QBCore/ESX]Advanced Fishing With Minigame | Optimized | - YouTube

Download (ESX) : GitHub - iAlen17/ESX-Alen-FIshing

Download (QBCore) : GitHub - iAlen17/Alen-Fishing

Dependency and Resmon details (Codesign Keymaster) are linked in the readme. Hope y’all like it.


Potential to add a random loot pool option to this?

I think that would make this perfect! :100:


Can be more optimized by using a text ui and polyzone.

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Good job, though i’m fairly sure this can easily be exploited.

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Nice release

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Good job :smiley:

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Thank you everyone for the feedbacks and suggestions will consider these things :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Could you explain when this happened?

Nice Release