[Release - Free - ESX] Moonshine script with server-sided effects, logging, props and much more!

Moonshine script with lots of features such as: server-sided effects, logging, props and much more!

This script is highly customizable as the script isn’t encrypted whatsoever!

For any questions contact: Bamboozle#9642

Preview work: pov
Preview effects: effect

Download: GitHub - BamboozleScripts/free-releases: Bamboozle Free Releases

Edit: Everything has been translated to english!



Removed discord link, please read the releases rules.

It’d be a tad better if you uploaded the actual source code to GitHub - that way others can request changes and improve the script. Your Code tab is currently empty, with only the ReadMe file.
Edit: The code’s on another branch, which I dont particularly understand too - why not use the main branch instead, as that’s what opens by default?

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I’m sorry, completely new to GitHub uploading and everything!
Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

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Well here you go, once again thanks for the suggestion!

Mention ESX as a dependecie

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Did that, thanks for the suggestion

Nice script! My recommendation is to make it more optimized as seeing it jump up to around 0.12 ms!

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its free and i like the script <3
only free resources <3 #hatepaid

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I know, my other scripts are better optimized, the effects probably make it a bit higher in resources… This was just a script i wanted to share around! Thanks for the interest and if you have any more suggestions on this or what else to make, please inform me!

Thanks for the interest and the download, hope you will enjoy it!

Funny thing is that I was in the works of making a database synced moonshine script with a custom interior and a custom moonshine still! I’m glad I share the same ideas!

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You know there is a ymap for moonshine? Although it’s a ymap it works well. I have been using it for well over 6 to 8 month now and it has all the processing stages for you as well :slight_smile:

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Could you maybe link me to that ymap?!

Found some dutch menus still so translated them, also for some reason it doesnt give you a message when you dont have enough cash to buy the package. Also config files are empty, where can we say how much money we need to have to buy a boiler for example? :smiley:

For the messages you need mythic notify, the prices are changed via the client.lua within the collecting file. Config is there for later updates!

Here you go.

Suggest merging the 3 resources into one, possibly adding locale for languages.