[RELEASE] [FREE] esx_guille_dispatch

I think he is sure :sunglasses:

So what if he did? He’s inspired by their work! Cant rip on someone for that!

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Good work, I have to say that I have adapted it a lot to the idea I had but the credits remain for the teacher, good system greetings from Spain

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Thanks, appreciate it. I am also from Spain XD

hahaha, don’t compare it to codesign dispatch :sweat_smile:

Well, at least is a good script. Have you contributed to the community with the modified trew? :laughing:

isn’t a modified trew, is optimized.And it took me 10 minutes to do it

I don’t care how long it takes to do something, it matters to me that you contribute to the community, which you haven’t done. If you collaborate you would be in a position to criticize as you have done, but if you don’t, let the rest work on their things that do help instead of criticizing them without foundation. :joy:

This is super insecure :eyes: the triggers arent have any protection… LOL I think u arent in the best position to talk :wink: enjoy ^^

Sorry it has not helped anyone, it has enough downloads so I think it has helped someone, but well there you are assuming that I have not helped anyone without knowing if it has really helped someone or not then ???

and personally to contribute to the community would be to bring something new, not a rehash of a rehash.

You really tell me this … Well let’s leave the discussion here and I hope to see your contributions in the future.

How easy it is to criticize without visible public code … And if you say this, at least say which ones to fix them

Well, the same goes for me. Good luck :slight_smile:

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First: criticize?!?!?!?
Second: I have a lot of codes… LMAO

Then show them in the forum, I am sure you code is good, but use your knowledge to help fix for example the insecure triggers. :grinning:

isnt my script, I only comment on it with the proposed the programer upgrade it

As faar as i know no triggers are safe from "hakers " when fivem itself lets people see the triggers in cannary version so dont coment about the triggers its not even worth lose your time making them “secure”

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Well the thing is you can make them secure on the serverside, as clients can’t edit nor access serverside code. You can check for rank, against a specific whitelist, there’s lots of ways to secure triggers.

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I know you weren’t talking to me here but I think I’m slowly going to get into using the forums and possibly releasing resources, your words against all these salty people have inspired, hell once I get my setup back up and running I’ll contribute to your code.

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