[Release][Free][ESX] Garages & Impounds

in order not to use vehiclename.lua, it would be useful to add a function where you can give a custom name to your vehicle and save it in a new table in the db

Thanks for the release bud, works brilliantly, was having the same issue as others was with the vehicle damage not saving, well it was, only it was removing all panels from the vehicles instead of tyre damage etc, so i’ve just removed that section completely, so now my cars will be repaired when stored, it’s unfortunate but needs must untill i have a chance to check the SQL calls for the damage.

I wish they would put that on it tbh, only garage working on my server

Works great. I had the issue where it displays “NULL” in garage for custom vehicles.

Did like luke said, just went into my client lua and added

** AddTextEntry(“RS72020”, “Audi RS7”)**
** AddTextEntry(“vehicle spawn/model name”, “display name you want”)**

Worked great. Thanks for this release man.

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Hey can you add support for Script jsfour-licenseplate (GitHub - jonassvensson4/jsfour-licenseplate: A script that lets you create your own license plate) please?

If i edit the license plate then i cant store the vehicle anymore.

IMPORTANT: Cars always say “Out” when you open the garage? - Replace true and false everywhere where there is v.stored == true or v.stored == false to 1 for true and 0 for false, if this doesn’t work try it vice-versa.

i tried this and says cars are out but they are in and it duplicating cars

I changed it form 1 to true and 0 to false and for me that work.
With 0 and 1 I have the same problem so try true and false

how do i fix where whenever i try to take out a addon car it doesnt say null

how is the impound infrastructure working? as far as removing vehicles from owners garages and such. i wrote an impound personally to run alongside esx_vehicleshop but no matter what i do if a vehicle is impounded they can just go to the garage and spawn it to get around the impound part of everything.