[Release][Free][ESX] esx_technician

I have never experienced this issue. And my resource never even calls somethinf from LegacyFuel. So i really don’t have any idea why this is happening. Have you tried clearing the cache of both resources?

Jeah i´m also confused, found nothing in the code, what can be the case for this. Cleared all caches. It´s strange.

Got it. :smiley: LegacyFuel had to start before trew hud.

any update to the script yet?

Works nice, but it would be even better, if player would have to at least think a little while doing it. Not just putting all switches into the same position everytime. Would be possible to somehow randomize correct positions for switches? Or make it at least slightly more complex than it is now?

tell me how to remove the job check i dont have jobcenter in my server please help

how do I change the payout of the tasks that you complete?

Inside the Config.Lua

the notification still says 100. where to change that?

You can change that in the translations!

one month later…haha thanks

I get frozen when opening the fuses menu

For me everything works 100% fine. With no restarts.
But i see that there’s 2 Job ranks. [worker, 0] & [Boss, 1]
It’s also coming up for me that the Job has a society_account when on Boss rank.
working/doing the job’s no money gets added to the society_account and being on Boss rank
you can’t add or remove money because there’s no ‘boss_actions’ setup in the script.
so being the Boss you can’t hire and fire employees.

The Vehicle “Speedo4” you put in i had to change to “Speedo” as the vehicle was sometimes spawning in with a turret on top. also had landmines and some other little goodies on it. :shushing_face:

Apart from the little things Yes is this a good little side job to mix it up next to doing garbage or taxi jobs. And a good spot to have on the Map as well :ok_hand: