[Release] [FREE] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam And RP 3.2


3.1 now available

Niceee download link?

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yes, i replaced the original files with your files like you mentioned above! Still will have random collisions.

@pim911 that island resource is a no go in my honest and humble opinion…riddled with issues.

I just replaced the 3.0 download attachment with 3.1. it’s just 3.1 but added vehicle spawns. I’ve gotta figure out how to make them spawn 100%, so far it’s like, if you get close enough, or whatever. It might have something to do with “low priority” being enabled as well as “high priority”. But there is now two planes, ambulance, firetruck, lifeguard, lifeguard blazer, sea sparrow helicopter, winky, and a limo all on the runway, then you have boats at the docks, El Rubio’s vintage car and helicopter, boat at the dock near beached whale, and two jet skis at the beach party :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, me and my staff team decided to take the island out of the server, sadly.

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nice job!

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Force the gamebuild to 2189 and you get the island, casino (exterior) and can use my resource to load the island. You can also use some of the suggested resources I provided.

In 3.1, I added some vehicles to the island for RP and so it feels more alive.

There are no collisions issues at least that I’m aware of (always clear cache before adding my resource) and I recommend not teleporting to the island but rather bridge, boat, heli, plane, etc.

3.1 has a script to calm the water but as stated with previous responses, remove the island completely and use my resource on 2189, clear cache before starting server and you should be good to go.

Hangar now open in version 3.1, add it then delete cache and start server.

if you go at the beach wher the DJ is there is a invisible wall in front of the DJ desk, please fix this

@StonebridgeGR No there isn’t. If you’re streaming the island, don’t. The island has stupid invisible stuff, my resource doesn’t. As someone who uses the DJ stand frequently, I made sure to remove it

yes i tried it and doesnt have invisible walls, but could you tell me how you make openable doors?

How can i delete this because this is not working. Screenshot by Lightshot

It does or it doesn’t? I open doors by using Codewalker

What are you asking? That screenshot shows me nothing.

Here i think this is better. Screenshot by Lightshot On Picture is nothing but if i drive there you can see 2021-05-05 20-29-54 invisible collisions

@TakeitDom Are you streaming the island resource? If so, don’t. And I won’t help with that. I don’t face this issue, so I’m extremely confused.

You must force your server into 2189, then use my resource. Do NOT use the stupid Island resource. It is full of collision issues.

I did all. I use youre resource and i did forced my server to 2189.

:thinking: I have the shops in that location but try and clear your cache